Take off your shirt, your tie and your hat.

skinny steve is the love of my life


Perhaps it was because of everything that had gone on in his life. Maybe he desperately needed a distraction. Steve didn’t know what possessed him to kiss Loki like this, but something wouldn’t let him stop. His arms moved to wrap around his neck and he yanked him closer, harshly and passionately kissing him until he had to pull away just a moment to breathe, where he then went to Loki’s neck and sucked on it.

Oh it was so dangerous, dangerous to even think of kissing the mortal let alone actually do it. But now he’d started he couldn’t stop, yes he couldn’t even think of stopping. In the haze of lust he forgot that Steve couldn’t hold his breath for as long as he could and he whined quietly in disapproval as he pulled away. “Have I scared you away Captain?” He muttered only to have his words trail off into a moan, all traces of dominance vanishing from him. “Gods don’t stop…”

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Mutuals, please send a number off-anon


1: I want to RP
2: I’m following you but don’t want to RP
3: I want to ship
4: I want to RP but not ship
5: You’re getting overly excited about our ship
6: We’re shipping but I don’t want to ship with you anymore
7: We were plotting but I changed my mind
8: I have an idea for a plot
9: I want to recommend a blog you should follow
10: My character loves yours but I don’t know how to make them say it
11: I want to talk ooc
12: (Anything you want to say)


I’m sorry, but I love those two. They are so beautiful and sad.

this world never gave me a chance,

this world gonna have to pay.

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tigerandtheking asked: "So... you wanna make out?"



Send me, “So… you wanna make out?” to see how my muse reacts.



"Oh you really are no fun at all."

"Of course I’m not."

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tigerandtheking asked: "So... you wanna make out?"

Send me, “So… you wanna make out?” to see how my muse reacts.


xknivesandlint asked: "No drinking, no drugs, no kissing, no tattoos, no piercings, *no* ah, ritual animal slaughters of any kind."

Ten Things I Hate About You — Sentence Memes

"And I thought you were fun."